One Small Corner

“There is only one corner in this world that you can be certain of improving and that is your own self.”

This world would be a better place if each one of us try to give 100% to improve or/and change our ways of living. We cannot claim to change the world if we do not have the intention to change ourselves. We must improve our very own small corner.

Today I admit that it begins with me and I promise myself that I will try my level best to improve that one small corner.

As someone wised said “To change the world begin with yourself”

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Nasir Bangash



Keep it Simple

If you dress up too much, you raise the bar for others too. If you throw lavish and luxurious parties, you indirectly force others to follow you. If you give expensive gifts you could be burdening the receivers.

Remembers, If you make everything a big deal and constantly aim for perfection you could be hurting someone else’s self esteem.

So the key is to keep it simple!

Keep it mediocre on the material side of life and let the society focus more on what matters more i.e. respect, tolerance, thirst for knowledge, behaviours, helping others and becoming a better human being.

Life is not as complicated as we think 🙂

Thank you for reading, Your feedback is always appreciated 

Nasir Bangash