While playing game of so-called “Ludo star” I was surprised that we have a lot to learn from this game. I am sharing my personal view and you can always give your input in comments. 

  • You never stop trying for 6s to roll because you want to be in the game. Similarly we should never give and keep trying.
  • Sixes are important but Ones and Twos had their own values, especially when they helped me reaching the stop in critical situation. We shouldn’t ignore small things which can make us happy in life and run after the things which are yet far away.
  • I learned that at some point of time I must take risks otherwise it is possible that my tokens are eaten all at the same time and I am back to square one because I played it too safe.
  • Whenever my tokens were eaten, I didn’t whine over it, instead tried my level best for another 6 to roll and hoped that I will catch up and win.
  • Sometimes it happened that all my 3 out of 4 tokens reached the finish square but the last one was eaten again & again and at the end I lost it badly. We should always support each other and move united, otherwise, it is possible that we leave one of our beloved ones far behind in trouble.
  • It was very important for me to know about what is happening on the rest of the squares so that I can watch and move carefully.
  • Sometimes I was too much in the game that I didn’t realize I wasted too much time for something which was not worth it.

And last but not least I earned millions but lost them all because I forgot that the risk should always be calculative and not that I can sloppily spend whatever I earned.


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