A Piece Of Advice

No no don’t worry!
You are not going to read another chapter of boring advices.
Infact I am going to shed some light on how to deal with advices given by others.
When a piece of advice is given we have common understanding that most likely people have two options. Either they agree and say “Yeah, he’s right” Or simply reject the point of view by saying “Forget it he is just insane”

But wait a sec there is 3rd possible way of dealing with it!

It is always easy to decided whether to agree or disagree with that person but it might be more interesting to act differently,

E.g. In my case most of the time when I am given a piece of advice or different advices. Instead of immediately reacting, I will spend some time reflecting, Why does he/she say that? What is the reason? What best can happen if I agree to his point of view or what worst can it bring if I disagree?

With this practice over the period of time I have learnt that it is always wise enough to take some time and think. It ultimately opens up a way of thinking and give you enough room to decide on the best option.

In a long run it will turn out to be much more valuable rather than simply accepting or rejecting a single point of view.

At the end a small piece of advice from my side. 

Next time when you are given a piece of advice take your time and think over it, analyze it, check all the possibilities of taking that particular advice in a positive sense and then decide whether to accept or reject it.

Thank you for reading, Your feedback is always appreciated

Nasir Bangash

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