Ramadan [The Month of giving]

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The month of Ramadan

serves as a season of spiritual renewal and gratitude for the bounties bestowed upon all human beings. It is a month in which families become closer, communities strengthen their foundations and individuals reaffirm their spiritual roots. It is also a time to share and care which are essential components of Ramadan, and to “give” to the less fortunate and we did a fantastic job last week as a team.

Last week many of our colleagues joined hands together to participate in this good cause and extending their support to pack and distribute Iftar to over a 1000 labourers. It was great to see the enthusiasm and positive spirit among the team and meant a lot, it was an amazingly memorable experience to all of us.  Seeing so many of our colleagues coming together from all faiths to support this initiative simply shows that a little bit of sharing, caring and love can go a long way.

As we all know Ramadan is the month of giving, Please do not forget to continue with the same spirit throughout rest of the year.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts

Nasir Bangash

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